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    Who We Are

    Pledco is a global reputable LED display design, engineering and manufacturer from North America, with our very own state-of-the-art production factory based in Asia. We pride ourselves on being the leading manufacturer for custom LED displays & UHD LED screens to Fortune 500 companies in over 30 countries.

    What We Do

    We bring visual creativity to life; continually pushing the endless possibilities. From transparent mesh curtains overlaying corporate skyscrapers, to LED-wrapped vehicles, to concave video walls in newsrooms, to outdoor digital signs composed of 3D shapes; if you can envision it, our LED engineers can design, engineer and manufacture it.

    How We Do It

    Client’s approach us daily with “impossible” projects in terms of production and integration. At Pledco we take your design concept and apply our world-class engineering to bring your idea to life. The art of custom LED display dances in the details, and our extensive experience with custom client projects is hard to deny.

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    Manufacturing & Design Joint-Venture

    The Resort World’s 60 Foot Mirror LED Display Sphere was designed and manufactured as a joint-venture with Pledco’s Canadian System Integrator Show Canada Industries & Moment Factory.

    Our Clients

    over 100 Fortune 500 companies worldwide

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